May 29, 2017

Useful Help

Typ­i­cal Phrases!

Get­ting to under­stand chileans is dif­fi­cult. Here you will find some good use­full tips to use in Chile on a daily bases, they will help you under­stand Chileans when we  speak, or when you try to get some­thing of a local that don’t speak english.

Hola = Hi
Chao = Bye
Gra­cias = Thanks
Porfa! = Please
Donde Queda… = Where is…
Cuanto vale…= How much for…
Fiesta! = Party!
Te amo = I Love you
Dame un beso = Kiss me
Estoy Bor­ra­cho = I’m Drunk
Cachai = Do you under­stand
Chela = Beer
Gringo = For­eigner (that speaks eng­lish)
Spicy es Bakan!! = Spicy Rulez!!

How to Move Within San­ti­ago: The Metro!

One of the things that make every “San­ti­aguino” proud of its city is the me tro (sub­way). The Metro is fast, fre­quent, clean and safe. What more could a tourist or expat want in a trans­port sys­tem in a large city?

The Metro offers one off tick­ets that you need to pur­chase at the “bole­te­rias” at each sta­tion or if you are stay­ing in San­ti­ago for awhile and will use the metro a lot I rec­om­mend buy­ing a Metro Card which costs 1.550 CLP and then you pay to recharge it.

The ser­vice runs from 6:30 a 22:30 Mon­day to Sat­ur­day and 8:30 a 22:30 Sun­days and Hol­i­days and has a dif­fer­ent cost depend­ing on the time of day trav­el­ling (rather than the dis­tance). Try to avoid the rush hours and enjoy the experience!

Click here to down­load the Metro map


Look­ing for Accomodation!

If you are look­ing for acco­mo­da­tion in San­ti­ago, enter where you can find dif­fer­ent options of apart­ments, rooms and guest­house where you can you can stay accord­ing to the loca­tion and price you want to pay!